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Scandinavian saying that directly translates to 'Free Air Life'. It encompasses the communion between humans and nature to embrace and restore balance. That means get outside. Use the fresh air to clear your thoughts and connect to the world around you. Run, hike, climb, swim, meditate, bike, paddle, or simply lay in a hammock.

Friluftsliv. We believe in an outdoor life.


We began our first storefront, Lake It, as a movement to openly embrace our love of Lake and the lifestyle that it affords us. What we realized through so many conversations with our customers and supporters is that there is so much more to embrace about this outdoor lifestyle. We evolved our brand to encompass as much of the outdoor environment as possible. In our effort to embrace nature and the outdoors, we discovered Friluftsliv. Free Air Life Co. was born. This adventure begins with our new store opening in the Lincoln Park Craft District in Duluth, Minnesota. Our new store experience will not just focus on lakes, however this is still a huge component, but will instead bring products that embody all of the outdoors including mountains, trails, lakes, forests and so much more. We hope you will come with us on this journey as we have many exciting things in store for you!



Justin and Sarah Steinbach, Owners



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