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How to get Free Air for Life

How to get Free Air for Life

November 21, 2019

How to Get Free Air for Life.

By: Justin L. Steinbach

When we launched our brand Free Air Life Co. a recurring one-liner we kept hearing from our friends is how do I get “Free Air for Life?”  This was usually met with a quick laugh as that wasn’t the intention of launching a company under the spirit of Friluftsliv:  However, it did get me to thinking about the context of what was being asked. In the history of humankind on earth we have survived, thrived, grown, and raised millennia of generations specifically because of the bounty of nature that our planet Earth has provided. Not only is it our responsibility to begin to understand how to preserve the Earth, it is our mission.  If we don’t begin to act now, future generations will not inherit the same beautiful planet that our ancestors have. 

At Free Air Life Co. our mission is to provide an experience that helps our customers embrace the lifestyle of connecting with the outside environment and finding energy and inspiration from this communion.  Our brands are hand-selected by our Founder, Sarah Steinbach, not just for the amazing style, feel, and fit. But also for the positive impact these brands have for the environment. Every brand we choose to carry has a compelling sustainable initiative and we want to share this with each of our customers. Together we can work towards a better future. If we don’t act now our future generations won’t have Free Air for Life!  Embrace the journey into the future with us in style, comfort, and great fitting brands.

Black Lantern

Based right outside of Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, Black Lantern feels it is more important than ever to protect the land surrounding them and keep them free from commercial and private development. To have these lands open to the public and protected for future generations is something that is at the heart of the company. That is why they are proud partners of the National Park Foundation. Their “Enjoy, Not Destroy!” campaign focuses on getting outdoors and enjoying what these places have to offer for us. They are supporting the work of the National Park Foundation with a portion donated from every sale made, to make a direct impact on preserving these parks.

Carve Designs

Carve Designs believes in a responsible supply chain, organic and sustainable fabrics, and giving back. Mindful of the environment in which we live, Carve Designs uses sustainable fabric as much as possible including Organic Cotton from non-genetically modified plants without pesticides, Tencel (a carbon neutral, biodegradable fabric derived from quickly renewable eucalyptus trees), and Modal (a carbon neutral, biodegradable fabric derived from quickly renewable beech trees). Lastly, they believe in giving back to the Send It Foundation by taking young adult cancer fighters on surf trips, and SheJumps which introduces women and girls to water activities. 

Glyder Athletics

From day one, Glyder’s mission has been to cultivate a community of women who live life without limits. Those who see a boundary and break through it. Strong women are the foundation for their movement, so they are passionate about encouraging women everywhere to break through boundaries and get active. One of the key ways they’re supporting women around them is by partnering with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and contributing a percentage of sales to their efforts to help advance research to eradicate breast cancer and give hope to strong women around the world.


HippyTree’s slogan is ‘Inspired by Nature’, so naturally they are drawn to design products that embody this great world around us. Therefore, HippyTree is committed to softening its environmental impact by using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing for its products.

Howler Brothers

Howler Brothers is built on a bond of shared callings including surfing, fishing, paddling, and more. They’re united by a belief in doing things the honest and pure way. They design and craft everything they make with these passions and value in mind. We love their products due to the versatility of them. They set out to make gear that works in the water, on the boat, around the fire pit, or when you’re wishing you were doing all of those things!


Lakeside Clothing Co. is a family owned clothing line that offers unique styles that emphasis all that we love about the midwest and our Minnesota home. Their camping and lake inspired products are perfect for the cabin, boat, or exploring the North Shore.

Sota Clothing

Located right down I-35, Sota Clothing Co. has brought their Minnesota Nice Project close to home. They have partnered with their local social service agency STEP (St. Louis Park Emergency Program) to help them strengthen their community influence and impact. Help them give back to STEP by participating in their food drive, Lumberjack 5K, purchasing a MN Nice Tote Bag, and more!


‘Buy One Plant Ten’ is the heart and soul of Tentree. They will plant ten trees for every item purchased! You can actually track your planting impact by registering your tree code on their website that you will find attached to the tag of your product. Current planting projects are happening in Madagascar, Indonesia, Senegal, Nepal, and Canada. Tentree also makes their products with sustainable materials and puts an emphasis on ethical manufacturing. We love their mission as they don’t believe you have to be a hardcore environmentalist to make a difference. You can create an impact by using reusable grocery bags or simply buying an item that plants ten trees!

Topo Designs

Topo Designs established a MAP Pact to Maintain, Act, and Protect surrounding communities. Starting with their employees, they encourage responsible decisions with the materials they choose and products they make. They want people to engage and improve their communities, natural places and spaces around where they live, so they can see an immediate change, and can easily recruit others to protect important places on their maps. Company initiatives have included volunteering employee time to spring cleaning cabins in local parks, trail maintenance, river cleanups, and more.

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